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Zija Australia Product Announcement

Aug 19, 16
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Zija International has committed itself to product efficacy, safety and innovation. This is shown through the thousands of life-changing testimonials that we receive, which demonstrate the power they have had in many lives. However, as with all industries, the only constant is change; due to the evolution of regulations, policies, and a review of ingredients, Zija international will be updating our XMburn and Ripstix Ignite formulations in Australia on August 23, 2016.

XMburn will now be XMturbo, a formulation that we have been using in Canada for years. With this change, you can feel confident that Zija International is and will continue to be the leader in product quality today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Your Zija Corporate Team

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Moringa Research by Dr Jed Fahey

Apr 09, 16
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Trees for Life Journal

Moringa oleifera: A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties. Part 1.

Jed W. Fahey, Sc.D.
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences, Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Cancer Chemoprotection Center, 725 N. Wolfe Street, 406 WBSB, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 21205-2185

Download the Moringa Research PDF

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(Right Click, “Save As” pdf file)

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