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How we do what we do

Keeping a long-term focus, we work toward a shift of paradigms so that, in the future, poverty will be a thing of the past.

The process

Here are some common elements of how we work:

  1. Self-starting: A community or group approaches us for help with its project. They take initiative.
  2. Responsibility: While others may provide help, the local people take responsibility for the success of their project.
  3. Focus on potential: We ask people to focus on their vision for the community and the potential for making that vision a reality.
  4. Education: How can people be empowered to acquire the resources they need? The key is education.
  5. Connections: We help people make connections to tap the latent resources in their own community.
  6. Sharing knowledge: Each person or community agrees to share what they learn with two others. One teaches two.

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Trees For

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